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hypothyroidism sucks ass

okay i really need to vent,

i have hypothryoidism and PCOS which are what I like to call the unattractive deseases


they make me have extra facial hair all over my body, like if i didn’t tweaz my face every fucking week i would have a noticeable beard and mustache

and when I’m done with my accutane treatment (which i probably wouldn’t have to have gotten in the first place but my hormones were so screwed up due to my hypothryoidism that i’m crater-face wonderland!) i’m going to wax it off

I also have fucking brown armpits, and trust me, I wash my armpits. it’s the skin that’s black. And I’m seriously considering using a cream on them that contains a chemical that causes cancer to get rid of it because it’s so fucking embarrassing.

and i’m loosing weight so slowly even though I’m trying hard and I just want to cry.

oh and also today when i was at the mall,

i was in rue 21 i found this cool headband with butterfly wings on the sides so it looked like you had butterfly wings on your head (it was really cute and i almost got it)

but when i saw it was like “omggg ahhh” and when i said that and picked it up some chick who was looking at stuff near me looked up and looked at me for a good 4 seconds until i looked up

but seriously what was her problem?

did she think i was a freak or what :’(

so today

i was at the mall

and there was this chick

and i was so jealous because she was so pretty

seriously, she had really good bangs, board-straight blond hair

and perfectly clear face (it didn’t seem like was was wearing foundation either) and really nice eyemakeup

and she was so skinny, but still had a figure

idk i was really jealous Dx

lol i should use her as my motivation

but that would be creepy

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